Enjoy Pembrokeshire

Cruiser Sailing

Sailing and motor boating around the coastal and inshore waters of the National Park are a wonderful way to explore this world famous and protected coastline. But fierce tides overfalls and exposure to the brunt of Atlantic weather systems demand experience, and well found craft particularly on the open coast. Boating is centred on the Milford haven waterway or ' Daugleddau' with Marinas, sheltered water and a network of Yacht clubs , pubs and tranquil anchorages to explore as well as the remarkable oil and gas port, neither scenic nor tranquil, but a vital link in the UK's energy supply.

Many rarely sail beyond St Ann's head into the open sea, but for those that do Pembrokeshire's Islands and picturesque harbours like Solva Fishguard and Tenby offer a fantastic cruising ground and the company is more likely to be rafts of seabirds dolphins porpoise and seals rather than other boats. Sailing schools and yacht charters both operate from the Milford Haven with cruising guides for the area available.

The Pembrokeshire coast and offshore islands provide habitats for a wonderful array of marine wildlife. Needless to say these special places and the life they support need protecting. Along with Statutory legislation the Pembrokeshire Marine Code and Outdoor Charter Group was one of the first of its kind in the UK to draw up a voluntary code of conduct which members agree to follow. This is helping to ensure that all activities are carried out sensibly, with sensitivity and in a sustainable manner, allowing future generations to enjoy Pembrokeshire's wildlife and wilderness. Please follow the codes and be aware of Access restricted areas while sailing in the Park.

Harbour Contacts:

  • Saundersfoot Harbour Office Tel: 01834 812094
  • Tenby Harbour Master Tel: 01834 842717 / Mobile 07812 559483
  • Lower Fishguard Tel: 01348 873369 / Mobile 07775 523846
  • Solva Harbour Master Tel: 01437 721703
  • Porthgain Harbour Master Tel: 01348 831661
  • Porth Clais Harbour Master Tel: 01437 720437

Top Tips

  • For those without a boat or wanting to learn to sail the Royal Yachting Association has details of several local Sea Schools.
  • There are MOD restricted areas along the South coast including Castlemartin, Manorbier, Penally and Pendine whilst the Milford Haven Waterway has zoning for water sports. Please see the links below for details.

Healthy You

Cruiser Sailing may be fairly physical depending on the boat and the part you play in sailing it. Being out on the open water is a great way to de-stress and take your mind off the pressures of everyday life.


Health terms

RNLI message

  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Carry some means of calling for help
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Check the weather and tides
  • Get the right training and canoe within your limits